Harbingers & Shemitah

The inspiration for this site was initially to let visitors learn what I only recently discovered myself. Something that should hit very close to home if you live in the United States.

The discovery I’m talking about was first revealed in a New York Times best seller called, The Harbinger, and later by The Mystery of the Shemitah, both by Jonathan Cahn, pastor of a Messianic congregation in New Jersey.

In The Harbinger, Jonathan shares how he providentially discovered nine parallels (or “harbingers” as he calls them) between events and actions connected to the founding of America, New York’s Ground Zero & 9/11, and what happened to decadent Israel’s Northern Kingdom at the hands of the Assyrians in the 7th Century BC. Sounds crazy until you are walked through the parallels and how Jonathan discovered them.


Watch The Harbinger Decoded Part 1  & Part 2 (These videos include lots of background info very helpful to understanding the harbinger parallels and the amazing nature of the providence behind Jonathan’s discoveries).

Watch The Sign The Harbinger – Documentary (Though this video includes some of what is found on The Harbinger Decoded, it contains many excellent points not included in Decoded)


Among the harbingers is an amazing connection to God’s principle of the Shemitah, which is the Old Testament command to Israel that every seventh year they were to, 1) let the land rest from tilling, sowing and reaping, and 2) forgive all debts. Sadly, the number of times Israel failed to observe the Shemitah year over time became the very measuring stick for how many years they were to be in exile in Babylon.

In his book, The Mystery of the Shemitah, Jonathan goes into the many ways this seven year sabbath has historically paralleled the rise and fall of nations, its manifold connection to the conception, rise and fall of the Twin Towers and to key times that America and the world have undergone huge stock market losses, recessions and depressions.

Click here to listen to Jonathan share about the Shemitah mystery.

Listen to Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk’s 3-part interview of Jonathan Cahn regarding The Mystery of the Shemitah. Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3

Finally … don’t miss three other links on this site that should provoke serious thought about what times we are living in. Click here to find them.



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